About Camping Le Prahay

We warmly welcome you to our campsite in the Belgian Ardennes

We are Dionny Blankers and Karin Körver from Zeeland (the Netherlands). For years we have dreamed about starting our own camping. We first searched in Normandy, where we checked out several campsites. But each time it was just not fully what we were looking for. Time passed and our dreams were put aside, until we got the chance to take over Camping Le Prahay.

A beautiful location where we immediately felt at home

Finally it has not become France, but the campsite is located at such a beautiful spot. We realized quickly, that this was where we felt at home. The environment is just perfect for a peaceful and relaxing holiday, while there is also plenty of space for sporty activities such as kayaking and mountain biking. Basicly just something for everyone.

Will you experience a relaxing holiday with us this season?

From March 2018 we are the new owners of Camping Le Prahay. A big challenge in our eyes, because there is a lot of work to be done. We look forward to take on this challenge, and we will give ourselves for 200%! Feel free to read more about our story. We welcome you to our campsite where we hope you will experience a unique and relaxing holiday.